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We Are Ethiopia 2015

On the Friday 9th of October 2015 Out of The Box hosted “We Are Ethiopia” a spectacular evening concert at University College London (UCL) Logan Hall, in central London.

The event aimed to celebrate and promote the unique, rich and vibrant music, dance, poetry and art of Ethiopian culture in an inspiring, interactive and unforgettable way. With over 20 Ethiopian artist performing on stage, the audience was treated to some of Ethiopia’s most talented acts this side of Ethiopia!

Headlined by music group Krar Collective and dance group Dan-Kira Dance Entertainment the concert also featured an array of highly acclaimed artists from the Ethiopia London based community, including Genna Ethiopian Arts who performed a highly engaging and moving mime.

The event was part funded by the UK Arts Council and who saw this as an opportunity to bring together prominent, as well as less well-know, locally based Ethiopian artists - including youth based groups.

Whilst this event was choreographed by and for the Ethiopian London based community, through the extensive networks and promotional activities of all parties involved, the event also managed to attract a very wide audience base. Overall the event was a huge success with over 450 attendees – including the

UK Ethiopian Ambassador.

The event had extremely positive feedback on Twitter, Facebook and personal emails to the event organiser.

“We Are Ethiopia” also saw the formal launch of the Out of The Box crowdfunder campaign to raise £5000 towards the building of the first ever children’s adventure playground in Ethiopia at Balderas Condomium.

Although the first of its kind there is no doubt that this event will be the first of many and will only grow in audience, support and artists in the future!


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